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CORE RELIEF is the 1st International Humanitarian Design Workshop set up directly on the humanitarian field of Lesvos (3-9 Oct. 2016)  by a group of international designers, makers, techies, thinkers, producers, developers, writers and creatives assisted by NGOs, local authorities and organizations as well as the private sector. The workshop focused on the design, production and distribution of core relief, life-sustaining, items (CRIs) using open-source product design, 3D printers and innovation technology. The aim of the workshop was to place multidiscipline humanitarian actors directly on the field with access to innovation technology, where with the help of pioneering humanitarian organisations they created an environment that allowed for opportunities in social innovation, economic empowermnet and direct, all-inclusive learning experiences.



Aws Ali Idris (frmr. UNRWA)             

Aws has 15 years of experience in several posts within UN agency, UNRWA. Aws participated in the design and development of the Emergency Management Information Systems (EMIS), which arranges amongst others for the distribution of CRIs, and was an Emergency Project Coordinator for the Relief and Social Service Program, where he was responsible for the design and implementation of activities aimed at enhancing the performance of the Emergency Response program. Aws was displaced from Syria to the Netherlands, due to the Syrian Civil War, where he now resides as a Dutch National working for Voedselbank in Haarlem.


Christian Gustafsson (BETTER SHELTER)                                      
Christian is an industrial designer working for BETTER SHELTER in Sweden, a social enterprise that has developed the Better Shelter/Refugee Housing Unit (RHU) in collaboration with UNHCR and the IKEA Foundation with the aim to provide refugees with a higher level of safety and dignity during displacement. Today, thousands of Better Shelters are acting as temporary homes, registration centers, medical facilities and food distribution points in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. At Better Shelter, Christian designs, visualises and develops ideas to solutions from fuzzy front-end development to product optimisation.                               


Gaspard Bos (New State of Matter)

Gaspard Bos is an industrial design graduate from TU Delft, and the Director of New State of Matter, a design agency based in Rotterdam, specializing in Sustainable Design Entrepreneurship. He has undertaken extensive research on the use of 3D printers for a number of diverse uses ranging from humanitarian aid to recycling. Gaspard has engaged in a number of humanitarian centreed projects in locations ranging from Rotterdam to Peru and his work has been applied to diverse environments from urban areas to the arctic.


Panos Sakkas (The New Raw)                 

The New Raw (TNR), is a Rotterdam based design studio, that investigates the merging fields of digital fabrication and material resourcing. TNR explores new concepts for integrating digital fabrication in the circular economy. Through designs, products, workshops and public events, TNR promotes the application of emerging technologies and it creates new links between research and hands-on experience.



Aris Papadopoulos (LATRA)

Aris is a Humanitarian Entrepreneur & Founder of award-winning LATRA, the world’s first incubator situated inside a refugee camp in his native island of Lesbos.  LATRA specializes in circular design, environmental engineering & digital applications for the humanitarian sector, and its goal is to empower beneficiaries with 21st Century skills, in order to become directors of their lives and combat the adversities that they, and their communities face.  LATRA was the winner of the Global Be.Creative Challenge 2017, Shortlisted for the prestigious ARUP Global REsearch Challenge Award, as well as the Network for Innovation and Creativeity Europe Award. LATRA has also been awarded a Start-Up Grand and two Internationalisation Programs from Stimuleringsfonds Creative Industries in the Netherlands, as well as a Culture & Art Program by the Nordic Council of Ministers. 

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