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WHAT | A Humanitarian Design Hackathon  hosted in Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts & Design in Stockholm Sweden, featured humanitarians, designers, makers and producers, hackers and entrepreneurs who will address 4 current and pressing humanitarian challenges as these have been identified over the last 2 years of field work on the humanitarian front of Lesbos & Greece.

The 4 challenges are:

Waste Management aimed at improving the resilience of refugee camps

Community outreach for beneficiaries, donors and partners using VR, AI

21st Century skills through Science Technology Engineering Arts & Making 

Distribution of monetary assistance to refugees

HOW | By simulating conditions on the field by transporting in essence and in spirit  the refugee camps of Lesbos‐Greece, to Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design. With the participation of expert designers who have just returned from the field, keynote presentations by inspirational speakers, and a bridge to the refugee communities of Greece,  will address current, pressing and real humanitarian challenges faced by the communities in the refugee camps of Greece. Solutions, projects and ideas will have the opportunity to be tested and implemented directly on the field alongside the beneficiaries.


WHY | By bringing together Nordic and international innovators we aim to generate OPEN SOURCE INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS that can effectively be delivered to the refugee camps of Greece and can generate a direct positive impact where people needed it the most.

WHEN | The event is hosted in Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts & Design during WEEK 42.

MONDAY 16/10/17: Registration & Introduction to the field (15.00 – 20.00)

TUESDAY 17/10/17: Consultation with Field Experts (11.00 – 14.00)

WEDNESDAY 18/10/17 : Humanitarian Hackathon (11.00 – 21.00)

THURSDAY 19/10/17 : Humanitarian Hackathon (11.00 – 21.00)

FRIDAY 20/10/17: The Hackathon Pitch (15.00 – 20.00)

SIGN UP | The event is FREE 


JONAS AHNME | Senior Lecturer in Industrial Design 

Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts & Design

Jonas is head of the bachelor education in Industrial Design. His private practice spans from products for children, household appliances and apps, to heavy industrial equipment. He teach at both master and bachelor level. With an interest in pedagogy, and in finding collaborative projects in various contexts, an aim is to encourage explorative design processes among the students. As the Konstfack coordinator of the MEDes network (Master of European Design), he also has an interest in international collaborations.

SERGIO MONTERO BRAVO | Lecturer in Interior Architecture

Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts & Design

Sergio is a Lecturer in Interior Architecture at Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design-Interior Architecture & Furniture Design Program. His private practice involves pedagogy, art, architecture and design, with an interest towards critically exploring an artistically driven co-creative and collaborative practice. His aim is to contribute with a social commitment in projects, using pedagogy, art, architecture and design as tools for social change.

NINA HAVERMANS | Multidisciplinary Designer | Biomimicry Norway

Nina is a Dutch interdisciplinary designer specialized in design solutions for our built environment, focussing on social challenges and sustainability. She graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven, followed by a stream of successful positions as senior product designer, consultant and lecturer in Holland and Norway. Nina co‐founded Biomimicry Norway, a non-profit organisation to inspire and activate the application of biomimicry and circular economy principles. She is currently working for Comte Bureau in Norway in a team of sociologists, architects and designers, creating holistic and user-oriented solutions for private and public sector. And following volunteering with LATRA in Lesvos, during 2016 she became a global LATRA Ambassador.

JOHAN KARLSSON | Managing Director | Better Shelter

Johan Karlsson is the Managing Director of Better Shelter, a social enterprise that develops and provides innovative housing solutions for persons displaced by armed conflicts and natural disasters. The organization has received various accolades for design. Johan was recently ranked as one of the top 5 sustainability entrepreneurs in Sweden. During his tenure at Better Shelter, Johan has been an integral part of driving the original innovative product idea of the sustainable shelter to commercialization and delivery. He has held product and business development roles within the organization and been focused on developing and building meaningful partnerships with various humanitarian focused organizations like the United Nations Higher Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the IKEA foundation. 

ANTON BOMAN | Co-founder | TOPP

Anton Boman is one of the co-founders of Topp. Strategically driven designer with more then 10 years of professional experience. Extensive knowledge in digital product and concept development, user experience design, design direction and visual design strategies. Worked within a range of future looking industries; mobile platforms, wearables, IoT, mobile applications and automotive experiences. Former student at Hyper Island, school of digital creatives and Kaospilot, a hybrid business and design school.

JENNY ALTHOFF | Senior Lecturer of Design 

Konstfack University of Arts Crafts & Design

Jenny's approach to design is collaborative and holistic; embracing the form-giving of the tangible and intangible. Her professional experience spans design, artistic practice, research and partnerships with various organizations, companies and institutions. She has been engaged in two larger interdisciplinary research projects focusing on the areas: future of play, and sustainability for the public sector. Jenny holds an MFA from Columbia University, has studied Social Anthropology and has a certificate in Pedagogy.

EROL YAYBOKE | Deputy Director 

Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS)

Erol Yayboke is deputy director and fellow with the Project on U.S. Leadership in Development (USLD) and Project on Prosperity and Development (PPD) at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). Joining CSIS in January 2017, his main day-to-day role is advancing USLD and PPD’s research agendas. His specific research interests include the role of the private sector in the developing world, foreign direct investment, the future of U.S. foreign assistance, good governance, development economics, and international finance. Previously, he served in several capacities with the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. Immediately prior to that, he was a program/research manager on the Evidence for Policy Design (EPoD) team at the Center for International Development at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government. Mr. Yayboke also has long-term field experience working for organizations (Global Communities, Save the Children, and AECOM International Development) in Iraq, Afghanistan, South Sudan, and the Somali Region of Ethiopia, serving in various senior country and project management roles.

GHASSAN AMAYRA | Co-Founder | MENACatalyst

Ghassan Amayra is the co-founder of MENACatalyst Foundation ( - a social enterprise that supports MENA NGOs and private companies develop social investment models to tackle the youth employment challenge in the MENA region. Ghassan has had a distinguished career in entrepreneurship and employment with a history of success in creating  over 5000 jobs for fresh graduates and 400 business startups for young entrepreneurs in Palestine. Ghassan has played a key role in establishing various business accelerators and business hubs in Palestine which attracted the establishment of IBTIKAR fund of 10 Million USD for startups in Palestine. Also, Ghassan volunteers with Techfugees representing The Stockholm Chapter.  

JOE COPPARD | Founding Partner | Another Tomorrow

Another Tomorrow enable change through prototyping, perspectives and process. Their approach combines design thinking, interdisciplinary collaboration and decades of experience in digital production, hackathon design and scaling products. Another Tomorrow enable change across industries and societies with people like WWF, Swedbank, SvergiesRadio, PWC and Wieden+Kennedy. Joe is a creative director and facilitator from London living and working in Stockholm. As co-founder of Protothon Joe pioneered hackathons and interdisciplinary collaboration as a way to forge the future.

NINA EHRENSTRAHLE | Project Manager | Venture Cup

After studying at Lund University, Nina started working at Venture Cup. Venture Cup is a nonprofit organization that organizes a nationwide competition. They strive to be the natural choice for everyone with new business ideas in Sweden. Therefore they stimulate entrepreneurship by arranging events, workshops, and lectures in different cities all year around.Since starting her work at Venture Cup, Nina has heard more than 1000 business ideas and read almost as many business plans. Because of this, she has a lot of knowledge about pitching an idea, and presenting it. Her dream is to launch her own own business and earning sustainable income from it.

KATERINA SALTA | Program Director | Organisation Earth

Katerina was born in Athens and studied Marketing. She started volunteering in 2004 in animal welfare, environmental and humanitarian organizations. She was the Project Manager of “Moirazomai”, a Greek NGO supporting people living in proverty in Greece. In November 2015 she traveled to Lesvos as an independent volunteer.She volunteered in Idomeni and then, when the EU borders closed, she found herself  at  the Port of Piraeus, which had became an unofficial camp. As an Organization Earth volunteer, she helped cook more than 130,000 meals and also facilitated volunteers’ coordination, NFI distribution, legal support, vulnerable cases etc. In May 2016, Earth Refugee, the initiative of Organization Earth to support refugees and asylum seekers  in Greece was founded and Katerina was hired as the Program Director. Since then, Earth Refugee runs educational and recreational programs in the biggest camp in Greece mainland, Skaramagas, as well as out of the camps. 

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